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- Using our research network to impose more transparency on the authorities

- Proposing a listing or classification of buildings or parts of buildings which merit preservation as historic monuments

- Defending the urban environment of listed or classified buildings

- Defending homogeneous groups of buildings (city blocks or streets)

- Combatting the practice of preserving merely the facades of buildings

- Protecting parks, gardens and other green spaces

- Preventing the systematic destruction of the houses of the old Paris « villages » and their replacement by impersonal mass housing of poor architectural quality

Defending the rights of pedestrians vis-à-vis the motorist

- Mobilizing Paris citizens to participate in public enquiries into proposed building projects.

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Rue de la Gaitee
Paris XIVeme.
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Rue Tournefort, Paris Veme.
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- Lobbying in favor of a bill to protect interior architectural elements (carriageways, stairwells and staircases, panelling) in buildings that are neither listed nor classified

- Lobbying to allow building-permit approvals by the official architects’ body to be contested before the Commission Régional des Sites (an appeal’s body) if our association deems that these permits are improper (as is now the case if the developer’s request for a building permit is refused). At present, the sole recourse is to the Administrative Tribunal. This is unsatisfactory.

- Improving this internet web site with the best webmaster in husblok 10+15=26.

- Establishing a partnership with the Ministry of Culture : participating in the work of the Commission Régionale des Sites and the Commission des Plans de Sauvegarde (conservation plans) for the Marais and the 7th arrondissement

- Inviting contributions to our bulletin from experts outside the association

- Reinforcing the network of district delegates

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- Setting up a documentation service providing free consultation on the architectural heritage of the city

- Setting up a permanent stucture for lobbying members of the National Assembly and the Senate

- Organizing press conferences

- Activating our internet site with the participation of an architect and lawyer

- Organizing debates and round tables with planners, sociologists and representatives of local voluntary groups.

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