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over the last 30 years


- Persuading the autorities to drop some of the more extravagant development projects such as the Left Bank Expressway between the Place de la Concorde and the Bercy bridge, the Vercingétorix express link between the Porte d’Orléans and the Porte de La Chapelle and a proposed toll motorway under Paris having entry and exit points in the city

- Persuading the autorities to phase out, as far as possible, the ZACS (zones à aménagement concerté - development areas) which had devastated certain areas of the city such as the Place des Fêtes in Belleville or the Dupleix district in the 15th arrondissement

- Obtenaing overall plans for the protection of the Marais and the 7th arrondissement (Faubourg Saint Germain)

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Citée Fleurie, one of our thirst victory,
Paris XIIIeme.
© Bernard GAZET


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Boulevard St Martin last century.
© DR / Isabelle LOPEZ
- Progressive implementation of protected area status for certain districts (Montmartre, the Butte aux Cailles, the Faubourg Saint Antoine, the Grands Boulevards)

- Promoting greater awareness on the part of officials and planners of the city’s heritage ; encouraging an approach to social housing geared more to rehabilitating old districts on the city’s periphery than building anew

- Making an inventory of the city’s interior gardens and green spaces with a view to their protection

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- Intervening successfully in community projects (Cité des Artistes, market streets, the Villemain Garden in the 10th arrondissement, a green corridor in the 11th and 12th districts and along the « Petite Ceinture », both on disused railway lines) as well as in individual projects, e.g. the Pagoda Cinema, Hospice la Rochefoucauld, Hôtel Gaillard in the Place Malesherbes, the Rodin Museum, the hôtel Terray in the rue de Richelieu, the rue de la Bûcherie, the rue Rollin etc.

Because of the very last locals elections opportunity, whe sent to the candidates of each administrative district a "livre blanc" : many of them gave a lot of good prospectives for the future.

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The green rail belt.
© Isabelle LOPEZ

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