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Paris On The Brink!
Does Paris Need Skyscrapers!
Of course not!
But the Mayor of Paris thinks so!

Three giant projects are in the works with more to come. 
None of this is for housing. It's all offices and expensive hotels. (See photos below)
We want to send a million letters from around the world to tell Mayor Delanoë 
that we love Paris with its skyline intact.
That's right LETTERS, not email. Letters are more inconvenient and that's what we need.
Be radical! Use a stamp!

Address an envelope to:
Mr. Bertrand Delanoë (Note two dots over the E.)
Mayor of Paris 
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville 
Paris, France 

Include your return address on the envelope.
U.S. postage is $1.05 or three Forever stamps.

This is important.
We want a flood of letters from around the world to hit Paris City Hall 
the first week of December for greatest impact.

Short message is good. English is fine.
Here are three templates:

Dear Mr. Delanoë, (Note two dots over the E.)
Why make Paris look like every other city in the world?
Paris is unique!
Paris is Paris!
Skyscrapers will diminish Paris in the eyes of the world. 
Please let Paris be Paris!

Sincerely, (or it you prefer, Sincerement)
Your name

Or even simpler:
Dear Mr. Delanoë, 
Ville-Musée - Non!
Ville-Bijou - Oui!
No Towers, SVP
Your name

Dear Mr. Delanoë,
Ne gâchez pas Paris.
Do not spoil Paris.
No Towers SVP.
Your name

For an an excellent article by Mary Campbell Gallagher with more complete background information follow this link:

Here are the three projects waiting to happen. 

This is just the beginning!

The Tour Triangle for the 15th arrondisement. Architect: Herzog & de Meuron.

The new courthouse for the 17th arrondisement. Architect, Renzo Piano.
The current courthouse is on Ile de la Cité, a 3 minute walk from largest hospital in Paris. There are plans to move the hospital to another location. This means the current hospital site will be empty, which means plenty of room for the courthouse to expand. 
The majority of lawyers do not want to leave the center of Paris for the edge of Paris and are, guess what! Suing! 

The "Duo" for the 13th arrondissement. Offices, commerce, some hotel space. Architect: Jean Nouvel.

Save Paris! Put a letter in the mail on THE DAY!

Join us, we need active members from all other the world !
Annual regular membership dues : 40 € (including our quarterly bulletin).
Students : 10 €. Benefactor : 100 € or more.
Send your cheque to : S.O.S. Paris, 103, rue de Vaugirard,   75006 PARIS
or better, make a payment on-line via PayPal   .   .   .     Join SOS Paris now !

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