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Saving the city's heritage and environment
Campaigns and current projects

  • Oppose the construction of high-rises and opportunistic changes in height regulations wich deface the Paris skyline. Against skyscrapers, letís write, letís march!
  • Hold the administration to transparency and respect of its very own rules.
  • Protect the quaint neighbourhoods of Paris and oppose their replacement by architecturally massive real estate projects.
  • Preserve green areas wich are listed or belong to protected monuments. (Case in point : Serres d'Auteuil)
  • Participate in all the adminsitration's work sessions in order to ensure proper heritage preservation and urbanistic policies. Play a true role in appropriate committees rather than a consultative one.
  • Combat the practice of gutting a building and merely conserving its facade (facadism). The interior architecture should also be preserved.
  • Combat the proliferation of unsightly street furniture such as advertising signs, newspaper kiosks, coin-operated toilets and the like.
  • Watch over all listed townhouses in Paris, private as well as state-owned.
  • Combat the development of areas with only one category of trade activity (like Asian restaurants)
  • See specific examples in section Targets.
  • Join us, we need active members from all other the world !
    Annual regular membership dues : 50 €. (including our quarterly bulletin).
    Students : 10 €.. Benefactor : 100 €. or more.
    Send your cheque to : S.O.S. Paris, 103, rue de Vaugirard,   75006 PARIS
    or better, make a payment on-line via PayPal   .   .   .     Join SOS Paris now !

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